DPF Cleaning Service

DPF & DOC Cleaning Service

• Our DPF & DOC cleaning machinery has been rated best equipment by three engine OEM engineer teams.

• DPF & DOC airflow tested prior to and post cleaning to ensure strict quality control.

• Our machinery cleans cells individually for improved effectiveness.

• Cleaning your DPF & DOC increases equipment performance and life, fuel economy and overall performance.

• A&A utilizes up to a 5 stage cleaning process as required for your DPF & DOC

• Our service cleans and rebuilds diesel catalyst mufflers and add on units as well.

• We provide extreme savings over replacement units.

• Pickup and delivery as well as shipping is available. 

Performance Exhaust

Performance Exhaust

Flowmaster and Magnaflow are just a couple of the brands that we carry.

kits or custom manufactured systems are available.

Stainless steel or Aluminized materials are utilized to fulfill the customers budget

Single exhaust, Dual exhaust or anything you can design is possible

Stainless steel tips are a great way to finish off your exhaust. 

Our line of stainless steel tips will give your vehicle that look you seek.

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Heavy Truck, Offroad, Marine and Equipment Exhaust Service

Heavy Truck, Offroad, Marine and Equipment Exhaust Service

Extensive in shop Manufacturing facility 

Large Inventory of quality parts

Stainless Steel, Aluminized and Chrome materials in stock

From Factory replacement to custom manufactured A&A Exhaust gets it done

Pipes, Mufflers, DPF,s, Bellows, Flex, Clamps and more. A&A has the inventory

Fast turn around means less down time.


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Brackets, Hangers and Misc. Manufacturing

Brackets, Hangers and More

Large Inventory of factory replacement hangers and bracketing

Custom manufacturing to customer specifications

Available in Stainless Steel

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Pipe Manufacturing

Pipe Manufacturing

We offer a large selection and Medium duty and Heavy Duty Pipes inventoried at our site. 

• Turbo to stack pipes
• Radiator Pipes
• Air to Air Pipes
• Braided and non Braided Bellows
• We can finish the ends in any configuration (Beaded, Expanded, Flared, Flanged ETC.)

Sizes ranging from ½” and up. Aluminized and Stainless steel.

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Diesel Catalyst Cleaning and Rebuilding

Diesel Catalyst Cleaning and Rebuilding

• If your Truck or Equipment is not performing as it should maybe your Catalyst is plugged.

• Diesel Catalyst Mufflers or add on units need to be cleaned. • We offer a complete rebuilding service.

• We can rebuild your muffler and clean the catalyst to restore optimum performance.

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