Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Convertors

Our complete line of catalytic converters ensures that your vehicle gets the correct convertor every time.

Incorrect converters means a failed emission test or MIL light on.

Our converters are specifically designed for our customers vehicles.

Don't get caught receiving  cheap alternatives, Do the job right and once!


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Chrome Truck Exhaust & Accessories

Chrome Truck Exhaust & Accessories

Whether you want to dress up your truck with 5,6,7,8 or 10" exhaust we can help.

Quality Chrome ensures longer life

Our extensive Inventory of factory replacement chrome elbows, stacks and guards can dress up your truck.

Maybe a new topper is what you need. We carry Miter Cut, Standard Curve and Extended Curve stacks in all sorts of sizing.

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Automotive, Light Truck & RV Exhausts

Automotive, Light Truck and RV Exhaust

Our shop is able to put almost any vehicle in the air and get the work done faster and better.

Better access to the components means better workmanship and better value .

We stock a complete line of automotive and light duty exhaust. 

We can custom manufacture stainless steel or Aluminized factory replacement systems.

Any configuration, any material, no problem. 

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Muffler Manufacturing

Muffler Manufacturing

With one of Ontario’s largest inventory of mufflers we can fulfill your needs.

Nothing on the Shelf then our manufacturing division provides us the ability to reproduce or customize any Muffler in any configuration.

Mufflers are manufactured from aluminized materials but are available in stainless steel as well.

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Mandrel Bending

Mandrel Bending

With our two mandrel benders we can bend from 1.5” to 6” on site. Larger sizes are stocked.

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DPF Cleaning Service


DPF & DOC Cleaning Service 

• Our DPF & DOC cleaning machinery has been rated best equipment by three engine OEM engineer teams.

• DPF & DOC airflow tested prior to and post cleaning to ensure strict quality control.

• Our machinery cleans cells individually for improved effectiveness.

• Cleaning your DPF & DOC increases equipment performance and life, fuel economy and overall performance.

• A&A utilizes up to a 5 stage cleaning process as required for your DPF & DOC

• Our service cleans and rebuilds diesel catalyst mufflers and add on units as well.

• We provide extreme savings over replacement units.

• Pickup and delivery as well as shipping is available. 

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